Device history multi components devices vs single component device


Something to check. When im creating a virtual thermostat → temperature graph works fine at virtual termostat, scaling ok and bars updated as they should .

Main implant History page shows, “External temperature, Temperature xx” but virtal side and all other devices (various brand, types) which report temperature are only showing “Temperature xx” .

Can it be that app reads those differently?

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The app history shows the events with the name of the “component” in the profile and the name of the capability.

In the case of the child thermostat, and other temp sensirs the temperature capability is in the “main” component and it must be that it does not show the name of the component, only the temperature.

The problem may be here, and the app creates bad graphics when the temperature capability is not in the “main” component of the device profile.

You could try to change to profile “1 External Temp Probe” to check if the internal temperature, that is in main component, make fine the graphics

@nayelyz, maybe could help you on how to create a report for this issue.

Hi @jjl I’m really not familiar with this driver, when you add the device, Did it create one device and another virtual device? or What do you means with “but virtual side”?

Also Can you give me how the graphic is displayed?

note: if you can enable the support access it can help me to investigated

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