Alexa Capability Documentation

Is there anywhere documented which capabilities are linked to which Alexa controllers?

For instance from trial and error airConditioningMode and mode capabilities cannot be used for a thermostat mode controller (they don’t get discovered), the only working one is thermostatMode

What about everything else?

Hi, @delid4ve. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

By “working”, do you mean that thermostatMode is the only capability that appears for your device on the Alexa side?
Which category did you assign to your device?

That’s what I’m trying to understand
What’s linked to the skill? Categories? Capabilities?
I need to use a thermostat but also fan speed (either with a mode or switch level etc capability)

Is the code for the skill on GitHub anywhere so I can look in depth as trial and error is just so so long :grin:

I’ve come from openHAB, moving house so thought I’d use SmartThings to make it easy for the next owner and just have a single integrated hub. I’m cool with writing missing drivers as I’m a developer but the docs are killing me right now :cry:

I’ve got a couple of drivers ready to roll (intesis,Drayton wiser), and just polishing off and making sure everything is integrated - but the Alexa side of things is holding me back at present.

For this one device - an a/c unit - I’ve got temp/setpoint/mode/switch - I just need the fan speed. For instance in openHab this was a mix of thermostat controller and range controller in one device, is that possible in SmartThings?

I found this post where something similar was discussed:

Based on the engineering team’s feedback, devices are categorized based on their capabilities.
As mentioned there, custom integrations are not fully supported by this service, so, on the SmartThings side you can have different combinations of capabilities but that doesn’t mean they will be recognized on the Alexa side the same way.

Looks like it’s a switch back for me and a returned hub then. No documentation and not ‘supporting’ Alexa kinda defeats the object of a smart home. :cry:

What do you mean by “no documentation”? About how to make custom integrations and make them work on Alexa or something else about integrating the Device on the SmartThings side?
I ask because our Developer Documentation describes how to integrate devices into the SmartThings platform and in case something is missing, we always receive feedback.

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The integration to SmartThings is fine, albeit the docs don’t cover everything but it’s liveable. But there is nothing in the docs I can find regarding ‘Alexa’ and the supported capabilities/categories. There’s lots of posts regarding things working / breaking / not working, but no actual clarification on how it all gets put together to actually work etc

A shame because everything else is pretty pucker to be fair. Simple integration with lua, a decent front end, stable Zwave, Zigbee and WiFi.

Ok, thanks for the feedback, I’ll create a report about this so the team can consider it. Sorry, I couldn’t help you further with the Alexa integration.