GoControl Thermostat Device missing SetPoint Parameters

I haven’t changed a thing since I migrated to the new Smartthings app and suddenly my GoControl Thermostat Device is missing Set Temperature parameters. The Set Temperature field on the app has a cloud symbol with a line drawn through it. How do I access the Heating Temperature and Cooling Temperature controls? I’m afraid to delete the device as I always have a difficult time pairing a device with my Smartthings hub. Is this the future of Smartthings?

Known issue ST broke something in the Thermostat setpoints when they released the latest updates to custom capabilities. Follow along here:

Thanks for the quick reply. As my other two thermostat devices were not affected, I was about to try and remove the device from my Home Location and reinstall it. I always hate doing that because it never goes easy.

However, I don’t have a choice, do I? I have to exclude and then repair the thermostat in order to get setpoint access back?