Cant use voice commands with Alexa

I’ve almost got this working. I have SmartThings Hub with a few Outlets and several Amazon Echo and Dots. The outlets are seen but Hub and Alexa. I have Samsung Smart Skill enabled and linked. I have authorized Alexa to use all devices. I can turn the outlets on/off with Alexa app. I just cant figure out how to control them by voice. I have tried adding the Echo and the Outlet to the same group. I’ve tried creating a routine. She doesn’t know about the Samsung Devices even though they are listed in the Alexa app. What am I doing wrong. Thanks for any assistance!


If you can see them in the Alexa app and you can successfully toggle them, you’re most of the way there. What are the outlets named? (this is usually simply an issue where Alexa isn’t understanding you) Also, when you ask Alexa to turn on or turn off a device what do you see in the home section of the app?

Since you can turn them on and off with the echo app, your best bet is to get in touch with Amazon support. They should be able to help you figure out why the voice part isn’t working.

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Thank you very much for your thoughts Nathan and JD. Amazon support picked up on the issue straight away. We discovered the Echo had more then one account, I didn’t realize it. Also Samsung SmartThings skill has to be enabled in each. Enabling the skill in the other account solved it.
FYI. to switch accounts with Alexa just say “Alexa switch account”

Thanks for your assistance!