Echo and Samsung TV 8 Series Connected but Voice Commands Don't Work

I just bought a Samsung Smart TV (RU 8000) and I connected it to my Smartthings Hub as well as my Amazon Echo. I can control the TV through Smarthings, and my echo recognizes the TV as a device. When I say “Alexa, turn on Samsung TV” the echo makes the noise as if it has completed the command, but nothing happens. I have the Samsung TV connected to my WiFi on the 2.4 network just like my echo. Any advice?

I also have a Harmony Hub that I used with my old Samsung “dumb” TV, but I was hoping I wouldn’t need to use it. I was also hoping I could say commands like “Alexa, turn on (show) on Netflix.”

Is there anything I’m doing wrong or can do to troubleshoot? Should I rename the TV or re-do the setup? It seems like everything is connected properly but none of the voice commands actually work.

Not much help but I have A similar issue. When I first set it up, I was able to turn the TV off by using a verbal command to my echo show, but I wasn’t able to turn it on. This was ok as I wasn’t too fussed about having the TV turn on by voice. However, as of yesterday the TV stopped turning off via voice (using echo show) despite me not changing anything. Also, the TV will now turn on by voice (via echo show) but it automatically goes to the Amazon Fire Stick source on the TV. If I then ask Alexa (via echo show), it turns off! It seems that the Fire Stick has all of a sudden become relevant but I’ve no idea why this has changed!