Can't stop Weather virtual device from sending notifications

I’ve got the Weather device installed, and it has been for a while. With the recent upgrades and some help from Support, it has actually started working regularly–previously it had the “never refreshes” bug and required a patch.

So that’s great, but NOW I’m getting a once an hour notification that “Weather is too hot, reporting a temperature of 86 degrees.” And more to the point of the problem: so is my wife.

I can’t find any options in the device for notifications, and don’t want to disconnect all notifications from ST–it’s handy to get one if the flood sensor goes off in the laundry room, for example.

Any help on finding the options to stop these notifications?

yeah, I can see from the logs that the update of the Weather and the notification occurs at the same time.

You should also be able to find the smartapp that is sending the notifications.