Looking for advice on setting up notifications with SmartThings when my computer reaches a certain temperature threshold

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I’m looking for some guidance on how to set up notifications with SmartThings when my computer reaches a specific temperature threshold. I want to receive an alert (email, text, etc.) when the temperature of my computer exceeds a certain limit to prevent any potential overheating issues.

I’ve done some research and found a few resources that might be helpful, but I would appreciate any additional advice or suggestions from the community:

Temperature Sensor to send alerts to multiple addresses - SmartThings Community: This forum thread discusses using a temperature sensor to send alerts to multiple addresses. Although it doesn’t specifically mention computer temperature, it might provide some insights on setting up notifications.

Can you set a temperature limit and get an alert – Q&A - Best Buy: This question and answer thread on Best Buy’s website mentions the possibility of creating a temperature notification within the SmartThings App using the Water Leak Sensor. It might be worth exploring this option.

Adjust the SmartThings app’s settings - Samsung: This Samsung support page provides instructions on adjusting the SmartThings app’s settings. While it doesn’t specifically address computer temperature notifications, it might have some relevant information on customizing notifications.

I’m open to any suggestions or recommendations on temperature sensors or other devices that can integrate with SmartThings to achieve this goal. Thank you in advance for your help!

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What’s the specific brand and model of your computer? (Your link was to a page of monitors.)

I’m guessing that what you really want to monitor is the internal core temperature, and for that you wouldn’t be using an external sensor. Almost all PCs these days can report this temperature and there are quite a few free third-party software programs that can work with that data.

So I’m not really seeing any reason to bring smartthings into the mix at all unless I’m not understanding what you’re trying to do.

And again, it does depend on the specific brand and model of PC that you want to monitor. Some have overheating alerts already built-in, for example.

Agreed. I use Pulseway on my home server which is free for home use. You install an agent on the PC and have an app on your phone and can setup alerts based upon CPU or hard drive temperatures etc. These are the things you care about rather than the air temperature.

The only related use case I have for SmartThings is that I have an extractor fan in the loft with a smart relay which I turn on when any of the hard drives in the PC exceed a value. I’ve written a script that runs as a scheduled task on the PC and calls the SmartThings API to turn on/off the fan as required.

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