Smartthings App Notifications not received (classic and new)

Hello Guys,

Since one week I’m using the Smartthings Hub v3 and so far I’m thrilled how functional and customizable it is.

I just created a Rule in the new App that should generate a notification if the humidity in a room exceeds a defined limit. The rule works fine as I receive notifications in the app.
My problem are push notifications to my android device. In the app settings I tried to activate the “Notifications”-Button but it instantly deactivated itself again.

To solve the problem I already tried:

  • turn off battery optimization
  • delete and reinstall both apps
  • use just one app
  • relog
  • install smartapp “notify me when” (same situation)

Since I don’t have any more ideas, I’ve decided to give it a shot and post this thread. I hope somebody knows what I’ve missed…


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