Way to disable Multi temperatrure sensor/notifications


I’d like to use my Multi just as a open/close component. Right now it is also notifying me of every temperature change,and flooding me with notifications about it.

Is there a way to turn that off ? I’m using the Android app.

Thanks !

Where is flooding you with notifications, push, texts or what? What app do you have installed and hooked to it?


In the SmartThings app “activity” area. I don’t even use an app for this Multi, the notifications seem to be default behavior. I really have no use for the temperature readings and wish I could just turn them off.

You could make a custom device type with out with temperature. You can probably even just change it to a plain ol open close sensor in the drop down list.

Another way to quiet it down is to:

  1. Remove it from the Hello Home Interface
  2. Add it back using the "Things +" Interface
  3. Add an app from the lists that just notifies of the attributes you want. (Notify me when app)
  4. File an enhancement request to "build@smartthings.com" to request the ability choose what to send notifications on in the Hello Home Interface"


I was able to do this by logging into my device list online and changing the device type to the pre-defined "SmartSense Multi (configurable) " at which point I could go to Things on the iOS app and turn some of the notifications of under the device’s preferences.

Taryn, thanks for that solution. The constant reporting of the temperature was bugging me too. I didn’t even know there was a web interface!

I’m feeling rather dense that I have to even ask-- where on the site does one access the web interface?


Thank you, Brock!

Taryn, can you tell me what values you see in the web interface under preferences for temperature, etc when you turn them off ? There are no preferences options in the Android app from what I can see, but I could change the values manually in the web interface if I know which values to input.

@matt you’re welcome.

@fredericdame I was thinking the exact same thing.

Awesome solution, Taryn! One question; what does “No Magnet” do?

Sorry about the delay in responding. I’ve been out of town for awhile and wasn’t keeping up with the forums.

Current States
contact: closed
temperature: 67 F
threeAxis: 1013,15,-98
acceleration: inactive

Preferences (edit)
Open/close: true
Temperature: false
No Magnet: false

@ardenite I have no idea what “No Magnet” does. I wish I did.

This thread (and many others) should be in a sticky. It was driving me nuts having to drill down through all of the temp readings just to find out what time my kid’s were getting home at night (lol). Thanks!

I don’t suppose anyone has managed to do this with an Aeon Multi-sensor?