Can't Share SmartTag 2 with Home Member

I’ve just bought. Couple of new smart tag 2’s, and added them to my home - all fine.

I’ve then added a new user to the home using the qr code - user added fine.

When the user tries to select the smart tags it says I must first share them in smart things find.

I’ve checked the user’s permissions and if I give them full access they can see the tags, but get the error above. If I give them specific access to only one tag, the other tags disappear completely, but the remaining tag still gives the error.


So have you shared them in SmartThings Find?

If you go to the details page of a tag in your SmartThings app and follow the ‘View map’ link you should get taken into the Find app with that particular tag selected.

I suspect when you do so you will find the app is very keen for you to share your tag’s location, but if not you can click on the ‘More’ icon and that will bring up a page of settings with a ‘Share your location’ option. You need to enable that in order for your tag’s location details to be available to other Location members.

You can also go direct to the Find app via the Life tab of your app.

This should make things come alive on the new user’s app and they’ll probably also be asked to enable something at their end.

Apologies if I sound a little vague but I haven’t installed a tag for a while.