SmartTag access “not allowed”?

My husband is a member/owner of my Smart Things home, having been invited by me long ago. I have 9 SmartTags. Once invited, of course, he had access to all 9 tags but we recently discovered that he wasn’t able to access two tags. One needed his agreement to share his location (isn’t that a blanket agreement that only needs to be agreed to once and covers all devices??), which was fixed by clicking an agreement. However, the other is a mystery. His phone shows his access to the device as “not allowed”. On my end, I see nothing that would indicate there’s anything I can do to allow access. I tried adding him as a member via his second email address, he joined, but still access is “not allowed”. Thoughts? Wondering if we should remove the tag and start again? Remove the app from my phone and reinstall? I don’t know why one tag wouldn’t be allowed. Thanks in advance for your help!

The only thing I can think of for ‘Not allowed’ is that you haven’t gone into Find to ‘Share this device’s location’ for that tag on your own phone. Toggling that setting off and back on does seem to result in a fresh ‘Agreement required’ on other Members’ devices so maybe not having it turned on prevents anyone else using your tag.

It is the equivalent setting to the ‘Allow access to your location’ that is used to clear the ‘Agreement required’ on other Members’ phones.

If not that then what else is there?

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That was it :woman_facepalming: It had to have inadvertently been switched off at some point. How did I not see that in the zillion times I went through the app trying to solve this? Thanks so much and apologies for the dumb issue!

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