Can't See 'Add Member' in Android App

Hi Folks,

I’m struggling to see how to add members on my Smartthings Android app.

I’ve followed the Smartthings website instructions, opened the app, touched the home button in the favorites screen (which does nothing) and then the plus icon. I see Add Device, Add Service and Create Routine…no add Member.

I’ve also tried adding my wife via the three dots in the top right - selected Manage location/members. I can see me but there is no option to add any other members. On my wife’s device she has the add member located on that screen!

There doesn’t seem anywhere in the app for me to send an invitation on any of my devices!

Can anyone assist?



You can only invite a member if you are the Location owner.

If you are the Location owner the icon at the top left of the Favourites page is a miniature QR code with a house bottom right. Clicking on that brings up the QR code method of inviting a member.

Otherwise the quickest way is Manage location/members and then + Invite member which gives you three different options for invites.

If the icon top left of Favourites is three lines (representing a list) and a house then you are not the Location owner. Clicking on it tells you who is, as does clicking on the Location name alongside the icon.

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