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Invited household member can't use app



I invited a household member’s account to our “home” location, but this doesn’t seem to work: While she can see all the devices show up, they all (maybe just “most”, didn’t check all one-by-one) get stuck on “checking status” indefinitely (i waited for maybe minutes before giving up), and so she can’t see the status or change anything. It’s been like this for over a week. Is there a known issue / bug? I can’t imagine this is WAI.

The app works fine for me (both old and new app) - on her phone I only installed the new one. Android in both cases, and app should be current.

Also, I noticed that while she can see the devices, she can’t see the automations I set up. I’m guessing that part’s WAI?


(PPO16) #2

My expérience with guests & ST is poor.

First time I invited my friend and ended up with support.
Second time I ended up loging in with my credential on my cousin’s phone.

(Daryl Mc Adam) #3

My husband phone is also having the same problem. He can see the devices but when he clicks them it says cannot connect to the devices. Yet my phone is fine.