Can't login on Android App

Asking for help as support is lost too.

I have my hub for 2 years now. Wife’s phone lost her login info. I tried to login with no success. Then I had the idea of logging out of my phone and logging in again to see it the problem was me entering the wrong password. Bad idea, now I can’t login there either. I can login and even change my password on the ST IDE site.

I think this is related to some migration to Samsung account. On the IDE site, I am asked if I have a ST or a Samsung account when logging in. On the android app, I’m sent to the Samsung account web site right after I enter my e-mail. I’m never asked if I have a ST or a Samsung account.

I’m in Canada and we are talking about 2 different phones (one running lollipop and the other running Marshmallow).

Yes, I tried reinstalling the app.

I’ll be dumping SmartThings if I’m required to recreate all my automatons and settings.

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I would like to help, but sounds confusing and really don’t know what suggestions to offer. I was part of the Samsung account migration beta, and had some significant issues that have been fixed for myself, but others complained of similar issues and completely different issues. The person tagged above is part of the staff overseeing account migration, so hopefully he can help you. Did you join a beta? Or was your account migrated automatically?

Thanks for the quick reply! No, i didn’t participate on any Beta. I’m not sure what a Samsung account is. I wasn’t aware of any migration up until I had this issue and started googling. I had noticed the IDE asks what type of account you have a while ago so I was vaguely aware of the 2 types of account but that’s it. I clicked today after I had the issue on a link to the Beta group hoping that would help me just to get a message saying the Beta is closed. The support person was baffled. They could see I only had a ST account.

Sounds very frustrating, I can’t guarantee the staff member above will respond. I hope someone else sees this and has a better suggestion. Did you try the link above, maybe the people in that thread can help. It must be open since people still are asking to join that beta, and you may have a better chance of staff responding in that thread.

I followed up via your support ticket. This should be resolved soon but feel free to respond there.

Thanks Brad. I’ve replied to your e-mail. I had already tried what you suggested.

I just wanted to close the post saying the support team quickly fixed my issue. It seems it was an edge scenario related to me changing the e-mail address associated with my ST account.