Moving my wife from the old to the new App..... Now she's in the wrong region!

My wife and I have been using ST for years. One hub, my account, I invited her as a member to that account years ago and in the classic ST app that worked just fine.

I have now migrated (because they told me I had to) my iPhone to the new app and it works. (Preferred the old one but OK)

On my wife’s iPhone the classic app still works but it tells me that I should really use the new one. When I do so: there are no devices/rooms / etc in there.

When I try to use a QR code, displayed on my Phone to add her again as a member I get the message, on her phone when scanning the code: “Can’t accept the invitation - Unfortunately your Samsung account isn’t the same as the person who invited you”

But: this works in the old App so how can this be the case???

Any idea what’s going on here? I’m not even sure where to check these regions?

Unfortunately you have ran into the most stupidest issue (by Samsung) of all.

Samsung assigns a region to your account when you create one, and it cannot be changed for the sake of…

If your region is different from the other person’s region then you cannot share your “Home” with the other person.

To check the region you need to log in to your (and your wife’s) Samsung account either on a web browser or on the phone where are the account details and check the details there.

The only solution for now is to create a new Samsung account with a matching region, or to delete the current account and re-create it again with the matching region, or ask Samsung’s support to do it, but it means exactly the second option mentioned before (and of course with this Pandemic, working from home, doing less work during the same period of time stuff, they will most likely not resolve your issue in a month time…)

Just to let you know, you are not the first and probably not even the last with this issue. Samsung’s region idea is a joke in the 21st Century. I have moved countries multiple times during the past 10 years, and have a wife from a different country than my home country. Samsung thinks, where you set up your phone, that’s your region. And no mixing is allowed… Sounds stupid isn’t it?
Google allows changing region/address once a year as I remember, just as an example.

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Thank you GSzabados and indeed this is just very stupid. May I ask some stupid questions?

  1. I have tried to figure out how to get to the details of these two Samsung Accounts to figure out which region they are in and I have no idea where to find that information! Any tips?

  2. Samsung replied and referred me to a ticket: 1049828 I have no idea if that is one of mine or some else but can’t find that either.

  3. I don’t understand why this used to work on the old app and not the new one… they both use a Samsung account

  1. Try to login to your Samsung account here:
  2. No idea about that ticket nnumber, sorry…
  3. The Classic app was not tied down by Samsung’s regional policies. And possibly you were using it with SmartThings accounts, but not with Samsung accounts.

Alright! That Samsung link worked and I just discovered that my wife is lives in the USA. Must have married the wrong woman!

Seriously, deleted her account now and recreated it and she’s now back with me in the UK so hopefully, we can share our hub soon.

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