Can't get ''When I arrive home" automation to work on Android

The model of my phone is " LGE LM-V405 "

The only devices I have on SmartThings right now are a couple of Phillip Hue bulbs and an Amazon Plug which I have a virtual device set up to control the amazon plug and it does work as I’ve tested it. It just turns on/off a room fan.

In SmartThings I have it set to when I arrive at home after being away for 1 minute then my lights and fan will turn on after 1 second of me coming back to my home area.

This does not work and I can’t figure out why. I am new to Smart Things so maybe I’m doing something wrong? It doesn’t sound like rocket science and it should be simple but it just isn’t working. I have also tried several different time combinations and that still has no affect. The automation just will not work.

These devices do work in SmartThings though. It’s just the automation that isn’t working.

Anyone else had issues with this or know a fix or anything? After trying several times of me having to leave and come back to test it… it’s getting very annoying to say the least.

Edit: I also forgot to add that I even have the Smart Things app set to always allow it to have my location at all times and not just when the app is open.

That’s a very short timeframe for getting a change in location, no matter what system you’re working with. The 1 second is going to be impossible. The one minute may be too short. Depends on exactly what you’re using to calculate location, but if it’s GPS, two minutes is more typical, and in some configurations it’s five. I know it’s annoying to wait while you’re trying to test, but these aren’t continuous real time tracking systems.

Can you post a screenshot of the automation that you’re using?

It was just a basic automation.

Had it set to if I arrive in the home area and stayed in the area after however many seconds it would turn on 2 hue lights and a virtual device.

I’m not sure what happened but literally just now when I went to automations they were no longer there and were deleted. I did not delete them so not sure how they got deleted… really not liking this so far as I’ve not had any luck with this Smart Things system. There’s no reason for my automations to just vanish on their own like that. I’m not that big of a noob where I don’t know if I am deleting something or not lol

Here’s a pic. Had to remake it since somehow the last one got deleted.

I found out why my automation got deleted… it was because I turned off my ‘‘get location from phone’’ setting and then turned it back on.

Anyways, I checked the notification history… and the last time my location changed in Smart Things was at 12:39 AM on 3/15/21. And that was when I first turned on the automation. So SmartThings hasn’t updated my location once since then is what it sounds like. Granted I rarely leave the house but I have left a few times since then and it doesn’t register me as leaving.

Not sure how to fix this… any ideas?

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