Proximity Detection Based On Time?

I have Smartthings set up to turn on my lights by proximity of my phone. Yes, I have location services on. It works okay when I get home at my normal time but if I come home early, my lights do not come on until it is about the normal time for me to arrive. I do not have anything scheduled to turn them on at a particular time, just by proximity, so this makes no sense.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :scream: Which app are you using, classic or connect? And can you show us the screenshots of the automation that is supposed to turn the lights on

I guess I was using Classic. I never really open it and didn’t know it was changing, so I got a popup about it. I did the upgrade and it came up with a big circle saying “SUCCESS” and then another popup opened and said that it failed, so I’m not sure which one I’m using now. It looks the same.

I screen shot three screens in the automation:

My automation needs are quite simple so it’s annoying when this doesn’t work.