New here and need some help. Lights to come on when we arrive between certain times


I started with Nest and some WeMo’s and ihome switches and thought I was good. Well, I am sure you all know how that goes. So I decided I wanted to expand and get a few more switches and move away from WeMo at some point. I am having a difficult time with Smartthings though.

I bought a used wink gen one hub for $12 a few weeks ago and just got smartthings this week. I wanted smartthings as it works with wemo, has a great community, and there are more devices that work. I just didn’t realize that Nest wouldn’t work and the Shclage Connect wouldnt’ have any features. On Wink, the connect can do just about everything.

Anyway…here is my current problem I am trying to figure out. With my ihome app for my switches I have them setup to come on when Nest goes from Away to Home from 4:30 - 11 pm. I want to do the same thing in Smartthings, but use our phones as sensors. I can’t find where to do that. I see I can choose sunrise/sunset, at a certain time…but where is the option to do it between a certain time? It has to be somewhere I am not seeing. My ihome app, Wemo app and Wink all can do this, so Smarthings has to have this option, right? I am sure it is obvious, but I just can’t find it.

Anyway, hopefully someone can help with this. It seems very basic, but I just do see the option.

Once you install ST app on your phones, you can use them as presence sensors. You need to set up an I’m back ROUTINE,. When one of your phones arrives to run the activities that you want, like turn up Nest turn on lights etc.

Thank you. I tried that but I don’t see the option to have them only turn on, when we are back, between a certain time. I see At a Certain Time and at Sunrise or Sunset…but nothing where I can set it between x and x time.

For example, I want it between 4-11 pm only when one of us comes home. Before 4 and after 11 I don’t want to come on even when we come home.

Also… Why was this moved to Smart Apps Ideas? Is this not something that is already in place? So far, I am not getting a great feeling about Smartthings.

Did you add your phones as presence sensors ? Until you enable presence it will not be a choice.
It looks like you are tying to make a new SmartLighting automation. To use presence you need to make a Routine not an automation.
In the automation tab of the app you will see 2 choices, Routines and Smartapps. Click on Routines, then " I’m Back" settings ( gear) then set what you want it to do.

Thank you. Yes, the phones are setup as presence sensors, and I can select them as such. I also tired editing the I’m Back Routine and tried creating my own. I don’t see where this basic (to me) option exists.

I am not trying to be difficult, but this is a must have smart automation for me.

Under Additional Settings to Automatically preform I’m Back I can choose when Someone Arrives witch is what I want. But there is not an option to only run this only during certain times.

I have these options:
Someone Arrives (this is what we want)
Everyone leaves
At a Certain time (only allows it to run at a certain time, not a range)
At Sunrise or Sunset
Something Turns on or off
Button is pushed or held
Things start happening
Things quite down
Something opens or closes

What I expected to find (like in all my other apps) is a time range. I can’t seem to find that.

This is the setup in Wink

This is the setup in iHome. I am trying to find something similar in Smartthings.

Man…I think I found it!!!

Looks like I had to go into Marketplace, SmartApps, Lights and Switches, then choose Smart Lights.

You know…Smartthings could really make finding these things easier. Especailly from someone who has been using other apps where the features are right there, up front and easy to see.

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Thanks a lot man for the explanation!!! Have been looking for this option for months.

You’re a hero. Can finally enjoy my hub to the fullest.