Smartthings Multi sensor Dead in less than 2 weeks

Bought ST kt from Microcenter. Worked well for less than 2 weeks and then one day, one of multi sensor started showing unavailable. Contacted support, they responded after 8-10 hours and said that they did something try again. Tried again. Then as per support page, tried to reset it by removing battery. Now the reset light is not coming at all. Again contacted support, they say change the battery, which are just about week old. No word on how to replace, if they will replace or not.

Any advice will help…

How to get to sensor replaced, who will replace, Microcenter or ST support?

Update: 17 Feb 2018.

Today after a lengthy discussion and process, I received replacement for my above dead multi sensor. After pairing it, changing all my automation scenes and security things, testing most, if they work on a weekend, spending a good 1+ hour of time, was ok to see everything works again.

BUT then again lightning stike hit me, with another multi sensor stuck on open state and I fear the same fate and same process, which is pain in @$$ and such a waste of my precious time, i could spend with my family. I am doubting my decision to go with ST or even smart home all together.

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Purchase a new battery first. Just because it’s a week old doesn’t mean the batteries are a week old. Could have been in there for a year.


Also usually there’s a firmware update for the sensor and most likely is the cause of the battery.


I will try a battery replace, which I doubt will work.

How does replace with ST work, for products bough on say microcenter site

If it’s a Panasonic, replace it with a Panasonic. Do not go switching brands. You will create a bigger headache for yourself. Exactly what’s in there now, replace it with exact same make and model, but brand new :slight_smile:

It’s only 2 weeks old, return to store for a replacement.

Why so? Just curious.

Apparently because of the crappy design of the battery contacts and not all the brands have the exact same physical dimensions so some don’t work at all. If that’s what you are asking.

IMO these ST multisensors (with CR2450 coincell) are a waste of time. Frequently unreliable and you can be better satisfied with a device with high battery capacity like AAA .

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More people have switched from the OOTB battery Make to something else (Panasonic to Energizer), and either batteries didn’t appropriately seat or the battery life worsened. This is more specifically pointed towards ST devices (Arrival, Motion, Multipurpose sensors). Occam’s Razor.