Can't get GD00Z-4 Z-wave garage door opener to work with Liftmaster 3585 control panel

Hello! I just got the SmartThings starter kit with the v2 hub and have been tinkering around with automation. I decided to get the GD00Z-4 to use with my garage door (Liftmaster 3585) but I’ve been struggling to get them to work together. I am able to connect the GD00Z with the SmartThings hub and can also open/close my garage door with the app when the GD00Z is wired up to the garage door opener by itself. However, once I wire up the wall control panel back to the garage door opener, the GD00Z no longer is able to operate the door. When both are wired up, only the control panel works. Remove the control panel wires and the GD00Z works again!

I really want to get this to work. Has anyone had a similar problem to this and solved it?


I too have the same exact issue. Were you able to solve it?

The problem is that the control panel is “smart” and doesn’t just short out the terminals to activate the opener like the GD00Z does. It uses different signals than the GD00Z and the two controllers can’t be connected to the same terminals on the opener.

There are a number of options to resolve:

  1. Buy a “dumb” push button to replace the control panel (and lose the “smart” control panel functions you currently have (motion sensor to turn lights on, time/temp, etc.)). You can then connect both to your opener and they both should work.

  2. Modify a compatible wireless remote by soldering the GD00Z wires across the contacts on the physical switch on the remote’s circuit board. This is the more common solution, but is more technical and requires soldering. It will also require battery changes in the wireless remote from time to time. Some info and solutions here, here, here, here, here, and so on.

One more option, as I ran into this same issue with my Liftmaster …

You can wire the GD00Z directly to the ‘smart’ garage control panel so that it basically acts as pushing the button on that by momentarily closing the contacts. If you open up the panel, you should see two easily usable solder points to connect onto near the button contact. It basically the same idea as the wireless remote hack, but better in that there are no future battery changes and more reliable since (at least for me) the wireless remote sometimes needs a second press to work whereas the physical button does not. If you are extra lucky (like me) you may even have a four conductor wire between your opener and the panel already, with only two of those actually used, so you can mount the GD00Z on or near your opener (I screwed mine right onto the bottom) and leverage the spare pair of wires already running to the panel to make your connections easier.

I ultimately used a spare remote to hardwire the GD00Z to and it works fine. Just have to check on the battery every once in a while…