Fibaro Motion sensor issues

I just purchased a third Fibaro Motion sensor. The first two were working well, however the newest one shows up as a open close Sensor icon, despite correctly including as “Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5”.

Also, when I look in the app and IDE, the first 2 have a page for settings in app and a section in the IDE that has “Preferences”. The latest one does not show these preferences anywhere.

I have attempted to change all three device types back and forth from “Fibaro Motion Sensor” to “Fibaro Motion Sensor ZW5”, but nothing changes.

Just curious if anyone has experience with these issues?

i have experiences issues similar to this but with other zwave sensors. this has happened several times and everytime the only real fix was to reset the hub and start over. it would happen when i was either near or over 300 devices.

Thanks for your insight Awestun.

When you say “start over” do you mean from scratch and add ALL the devices back in? Or do you mean reboot the hub and try that specific device again?

I also remember way back in the early days that smartthing let you change the icon of the devices to whatever you wanted. Did they remove that in the transition to the new app/backend? Or am I just missing that option somewhere?

yes, i tried rebooting (pulling the power, briefly pressing the reset, and via the ide) to no ends which just made things worse. eventually i had to start over by deleting all the devices and then the hub.

right now i am running a couple of hubs as they hard limited devices to 200, so i separated things. outside, smoke/water/glass, contacts/motions/alarms (main hub), outlets/lights.