Can't find the Custom monitoring rule I created

Just set up Smart Things. To test things out I created a custom monitoring rule. Named it, saved it, etc. It worked (got an SMS when the door was opened and house was armed). Now I can’t find it to edit it or delete it. Maybe it’s right under my nose, but I have browsed through the app for a while now and can’t find it! Let me know what I’m missing. (using app on Samsung Galaxy S4)

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Under Smart Home monitor, look for the vertical three-dot on the top right corner and select configure.

Hi Dave. Thx for the reply. I don’t have a “configure” menu option. I have “setup”, but that just brings me to a page where I can create a new rule. Where I made the rule I can’t find…


Just installed Smartthings myself using the iOS app and I’m experiencing the same.

I’ve created the rule twice but can no longer see it to edit or delete it.

This is how to delete custom rules. Go to Myhome and select Things, choose the device you created custom rule and select the SmartApps (three tap on top). And you should see the custom rule you had created for that device. Select it and go to the bottom and you should see a REMOVE button. Click it and you’re done.