Can't find any devices?

I’m new to ST and i’m trying to connect my first devices. When I hit Add a thing, ST searches but doesn’t find anything (trying a taplinker and a xiaomi outlet). When i look in the live logging it says its searching but doesn’t find anything.

I’ve followed supports advice and changed the channel on my router and properly spaced everything but still no luck. My iphone seems to recognized no problems and the live logging responds when i press buttons in the app, but simply won’t find any devices.

Any help would be most appreciated. Thanks

First, welcome to SmartThings!

Second, those are not “officially” supported devices, so you will need a custom DTH. Search this community and you’ll find the source code for the xiaomi.

Since you’re new, I’d recommend trying to join and use a few supported devices, like ST’s, or Lowe’s, or Cree bulbs, etc., just to get the handle of how everything works in ST, especially when you get into SmartApps.

I’m very surprised (or maybe not…) that ST support didn’t do a better job helping you. They should have simply told you those weren’t supported, instead of having you mess around with your router.

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Thanks John,

I appreciate the quick response. To be fair ST support did tell me they weren’t supported and that i’d have to create a DTH. I’ve also followed the instructions in the link (the first one) which was useful but it didn’t seem to work.

Before I built the DTH nothing at all showed in the logs. Now I’ve created the DTH as per the instructions I get the following.

The problem i’m having is that the instructions reference a “catchall” that I should be able to see in IDE and find the ID from that. I really don’t know what i’m looking for so i’m not sure whats going on

OK so I realised after chatting with ST that I was looking in the wrong spot. I was looking at the live logging and not the “events” link under the “My Hubs” tab. All sorted.

Hopefully my ignorance will help others!!!