Can't control Nest Thermostat or Ring Doorbell in Windows App

Hi I have setup my ST app on my phone, Samsung TV and my Windows Desktop.

I am able to see the doorbell and control thermostat in the iOS app and on Samsung TV. I am not able to on the Windows App. Just to clarify I see the icons in the Windows App just not able to select them as I can on iOS app and Samsung TV app.

Am I missing something or is that functionality not allowed for some reaoson in Windows App.

TIA for any suggestions or help.

I believe the release date for the windows app is 3/2/2021 so I would not be surprised some of the features do not work.

I also don’t know how much the Google Nest limitations apply in regards to the windows app. You can’t manage Nest Thermostats from and they are not available through the API.

Thanks for info really strange they won’t update the Windows app but I guess I will need to wait for an update and see if that fixes it.

Quite surprised you can even log in to the Windows app, it was long since abandoned. When I try to open the most recent version it hangs with a whitescreen after entering my Samsung account credentials.