Can't Connect to Device. Check device and try again

I’ve been having issues with my GE Switch Model 12722. When trying to open details in the app, I get an error “Can’t Connect to Device. Check device and try again”.

What I’ve found is that it keeps changing its device type in IDE. When I experience this issue and log into IDE, it shows as “Z-Wave Device”. If I change it to “Z-Wave Switch” I no longer receive the error and can open the device details.

My problem is that it keeps changing itself back to “Z-Wave Device”. Is there a way to keep it from changing it’s device type?

You might want to contact support on this one, zwave switch is the correct DTH for that device.

Thanks for your help. I’m going to try and remove it and then re-add it before contacting them. Maybe it was just a weird pairing issue. It looks like some of the information might not have been written correctly (for lack of a better term). I looked at my GE dimmers and it populates more information.

My other GE stuff shows mfr, prod, model, etc. This one does not.

Do you have a custom device Handlers installed in IDE called z-wave device that you are not using? If so, you may want to delete it.

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No custom handlers named Z-Wave Device. My only custom handlers are for my Zooz ZEN25 plugs.