Wrong Device Name & Icon

Hi, I’m new to the Community but have been using Smartthings devices for sometime. Currently, I am having trouble installing a GE Enbrighten Smart Fan wall switch (55258). When adding it by QR code, it comes up as a light switch and the Smartthings app shows a light bulb icon.

The odd thing is that I have another GE fan switch, an older model, which shows correctly as a Smart Fan switch with a fan icon.

Does anyone know why this happens? Is there any way to force a chnage in the icon that is assigned by the app?


Not sure why it added that way.

In the IDE, check the device type. You can manually change it to match the device type of the other switch that shows/works correctly.

When you say “In the IDE, check the device type”", how is that done with the new SmartThings app. As far as I can see, the old tools from the classic app no longer apply.

Again, I am new at this.

@JDRoberts @jpk could one of you post the steps for the IDE log in?

I can’t find the post to link to and don’t have time right now to type it out right now. Thanks and sorry for the tags.

I looked up this model but just to be sure, this is a Z-Wave device, correct?
If yes, you have 2 options. You can exclude (not delete) and re-add the switch and see if it adds correctly or you can change the device type in the IDE.

Option 1 - Perform an z-wave exclusion:
In the app go to the Devices tab
Find your hub device and open it
Wait until the 3 dots appear in the top right
Click the dots
Select Z-Wave utilities
Select Z-Wave exclusion
Follow the device instructions to exclude
Then you can re-add your device like you did before.

Option 2 - Change device type in IDE
On a web browser go to
Log in with your Samsung account
You should see a screen like this

Click on the My Devices tab at the top
Find your fan that displays properly and look at the Type

Return to the previous screen and find the fan that isn’t correct, click on it
Look at the type. If it is different than the first one
Scroll down to the bottom and click Edit
Under Type, click on the drop down and find the name in the list that matches the other
Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Update.
You should then be able to go back into the app and see the change.

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I did the Type edit as described. Instant success!

Thanks so much for your assistance.

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