Need help getting Harmony Hub to see my newly added SmartThings device (HH can see others of my ST devices)

(Kalel) #1

I’ve had my Harmony Hub/SmartThings configuration set up for a long time. For instance, I have a Harmony Hub activity to turn on certain lights (where the lights are configured through SmartThings.) Harmony Hub see the bulbs through SmartThings and triggers the lights when the activity is called. Today, I had to remove a smart light bulb physically and from SmartThings and replace it. So, I plug in the new smart light bulb (same type as my prior ones) and successfully add it to SmartThings with the bulb’s new name. And I can control it through SmartThings just fine. And here is where I forget what next to do. I know I need to get Harmony Hub to see the bulb connected to SmartThings so that I can add it to a Harmony Hub activity. Harmony Hub cannot see the newly added SmartThings device. So, if I’m correct, I need to go to the SmartThings app, go to my new bulb’s configuration, and go into the SmartApps tab. Once there, I see my Alexa SmartApp show up. However, unlike all the other similar bulbs I have in SmartThings, this new bulb does not have the Logitech Harmony Hub SmartApp show up in the list of available ones for that specific bulb device I configured.

I don’t remember the procedure to get Harmony Hub to show up as a smart app for that that specific smart light bulb in SmartThings.

And ultimately, I need Harmony Hub to see this newly added SmartThings device.

Remember, I have other similar bulbs set up in SmartThings, and each of them have both my Alexa and Harmony Hub SmartApps listed under each device’s SmartApps tab. I just can’t figure out how to get the Logitech Harmony SmartApp to show up under the SmartApp tab for this specific device. Please help! Thanks! --Kal

(Tony) #2

I went through this recently; somehow Harmony stopped seeing all my ST devices. Going through this procedure should allow you to authorize your new device:

Open the Harmony app on your tablet; in the ‘hamburger’ menu at the upper left choose “Harmony Setup” > “Add/Edit Devices & Activities” > “Devices” ; you should see “SmartThings” at the top of the list of devices. Select it and you will see options to Refresh, Re-Login, and Remove.

Refresh found nothing in my case so I needed to choose the ‘Re-Login’ option which then allows you to enter your SmartThings login credentials. You’ll then see the screen with the drop down box to select your hub and all your devices which you can select to make visible to Harmony; click authorize when you’ve selected the ones you want. When it completes (I had to do it a couple of times because it timed out the first time) you will see the devices it found and may need to respond to a few additional prompts grouping them as lights and plugs.

(Matt Behnken) #3

Also, you can create scenes and routines which can include harmony activities. For example, on voice control i have a Netflix and chill routine that turns on the tv to netflix and presses play, dims the lights low, makes sure it’s a tiny bit cold a/c wise… You get the idea. The harmony app is slow and clunky so I prefer to use it as little as possible only utilizing what ST can’t do.

(Kalel) #4

So, yes, Burd, that is exactly what I ended up trying… and it worked! Something is broken from how it used to work. I never had to “re-login” before. But, now I seemingly do. And then the Authorization section pops up. That’s what I was having problems finding… the “Authorization” section, since getting to that has changed. I did find the following YouTube video that, at 9 minutes into the video, shows me the login process to SmartThings to get to that Authorization window, once the guy in the video signs into SmartThings. That gave me the clue to try to “re-login” to SmartThings from Harmony Hub app. Since I already had logged into SmartThings waaaay back when I set up Harmony a long time ago, I figure that I didn’t have to “re-login” in each time to SmartThings (from Harmony Hub app) every time I add something new to SmartThings. (Since I didn’t have to do that before.) Guess I will from this point onwards. Thanks! --Kal

(Kalel) #5

Thanks for the tip, Matt_Behnken!

(Ron Talley) #6

I’ve had my Harmony Hubs for quite some time and this has been the process for adding new devices for as long as I can remember.

However, as stated already, I typically go the other way. I include the Harmony activity in a ST Routine. This way I have total control on when things happens because in the Harmony App, Home Controlls are only allowed after Harmony Activities.

Also, when creating a new Harmony Activity, include its equivalent ST Switch in the Home Control Section. This way, you get instant updates both ways.

(Tony) #7

The Harmony integration is great (especially when combined with Echo for voice input) but can really become a handful to maintain… recently I took advantage of a holiday sale and decided to upgrade my old Harmony Touch remote to a Ultimate (I had the Touch already paired to my Harmony hub along with a Harmony Companion remote). I thought it would be easy but it turned into a days long project, figuring out how to unpair the Touch and pair the new remote to the hub without having to re-create my setup and devices from scratch.

Turns out there is no straightforward way to do it, at least known to me. It involved copying existing device settings to the new remote (of which about 10% somehow didn’t transfer and had to be re-done), multiple attempts using hidden ‘advanced’ menus in the Harmony app to un-pair the old remote (only 1 touchscreen remote can be paired to a hub, and the old remote became unusable as a standalone as it kept trying to sync with the hub. I wanted to continue using it as a standalone). The Harmony FAQ’s imply that pairing a new touchscreen remote simply replaces the existing one; as I found, this wasn’t true without a lot of undocumented trial and error configuration steps.

I finally was able to pair the new remote to the existing hub and still use old one standalone, but it involved creating a new Harmony account into which the old Harmony Touch was transferred. An additional wrinkle was that I now appeared to have two logical hubs (though only one was visible to the Harmony and ST apps) one of which was integrated into my SmartThings account, but without any devices visible to ST, and another yet undiscovered hub to which the remotes were paired. All attempts to discover devices from my ST account via the Harmony app failed even though SmartThings thought it was connected to a valid hub. I had to remove the existing phantom instance of the hub from ST, get it to ‘re-discover’ a new hub (strangely, still using the same Harmony account and credentials as the phantom one). I was then able to use the Harmony app and re-authorize my ST devices. In a way it was a good exercise as it forced me to go through all those configuraton steps that I had done a long time ago and forgotten.

(Matt Behnken) #8

Yw love my harmony setup! It’s the show piece to the smart home!

(Ron Talley) #9

Harmony, Alexa and FireTV! These three are definitely show pieces. Cool thing is this would work without ST but when you add ST into the mix, Man do things get super cool!

Take it even further: Add a Pi3 and install KuKuHarmony and then you are on a whole nother level! Oh but then you have to install Kodi and one of the Kodi DTHs!!!

Alexa, Turn On Movie Time…All kinds of cools stuff happens and visitors are literally floored! Love It!

(Kevin Beekman) #10

Thank You sir. I had this problem and your answer fixed it.