Can't change old SMS notifications in New SmartThings app

I have some smart door locks and water sensors and I got a new phone and installed the new app. The new app doesn’t show any of the old automations so how do I modify/delete them? I had one that unlocked all my doors at a certain time on a certain day so this is troublesome. I’m also getting SMS messages for the door locks constantly and I remember setting up events for that on the old app but the new app only has “Notify members”. Who are the members are where do you set up the members and how does it notify these members?

You can still download and login to the Classic app. Whose new user when you login.

I’m not sure what’s going on but I just tried installing Smartthings Classic and it doesn’t show any automation either for the door locks but I’m still getting SMS every time I lock or unlock.

check for a duplicate location and switch to the other