Smartthings Wifi Massive Glitch

Just wanted to post a warning here. If you use the mesh wifi hubs but happen to have multiple Smartthings accounts, TRIPLE check that your Smartthings app and Plume app are both logged into the same account! If you click on a hub in Smartthings when your Plume app is on a different account, a name your network prompt appears and then your hub essentially will get nuked and factory reset. This happened to me 3 times today on 3 hubs before I figured out the cause.

Of course it happened to hubs I’m managing in California while I’m in Texas. Holy moly this is ridiculous.

Note also that the app itself is broken today… :disappointed_relieved:


Wow… Thanks for the heads up.

Use of multiple Hubs is probably rare enough that SmartThings isn’t particularly concerned about this anomaly. Not that they don’t care - but everything has to be prioritized.


It’s not rare for the Samsung Wi-Fi Mesh model: it’s the expected use case. They are sold in a pack of three.

Sorry for the imprecision. It’s not multiple Hubs that are rare.

The OP’s scenario is Multiple SmartThings and/or Plume Accounts. This is rare.

  • Even using the 3-Puck kit, only one SmartThings and one Plume Account is used.
  • When using ST Mesh, only one puck is a SmartThings Hub.

We have an extremely rare use case. Basically naj enterprise level web of systems based on markets etc. It’s wild.


Which is why SmartThings explicitly prohibits (or at least cautions against…) any “Commercial Use” of the Platform.


Yeah I get that, but every issue I’ve experienced can impact a consumer end user just the same. The platform itself is fairly scalable and powerful, just riddled with glitches that affect all of us. I just encounter them more frequently due to the volume I have deployed. Obviously most consumers won’t have multiple accounts, but some will so I felt inclined to drop a warning.


I read everything here… So I certainly appreciate the warning.

There’s a chance if you report it to Support, they will put a note in a Knowledge Base.

But… in general, the odds of someone who is/will be affected finding this are close to 0%.

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