Unable to add SmartThings WifI to existing SmartThings Wifi mesh (Plume)

I am trying to add a new SmartThings Wifi 1 node to my existing SmartThings wifi mesh network, which contains 2 wifi nodes, both on software version WV525XXU2AVD1.

I go through the process of adding the new Wifi node in the app, the device blinks red / green indicating it’s in pairing mode, and fails every time at 43% saying “There was a problem connecting to the device. Try turning the device off then on again before adding it”

I’ve restarted the wifi device multiple times across 2 days, same issue. Called samsung support today, they said this is a known issue and a firmware hot fix should go out this week (July 18th) to address. Anyone know what hot fix version this is being fixed in?

The WiFi hubs are receiving or have received version 47.12 which was a hotfix for issues introduced in 47.10.

Yes, I saw 47.12 was released. However, my hub is currently on 47.12 and I still have this issue.

This issue also didn’t seem to be mentioned in the 47.12 release notes, so it doesn’t appear that 47.12 addresses this.

The instructions in the smartthings app say to keep the pod disconnected from ethernet. If I plug in the pod via ethernet, I’m able to setup a new network. But i’m trying to extend my current mesh, so I have to keep the pod’s ethernet disconnected.

contact support again and request to have your ticket moved to a higher level of support. There have been several others reporting the same issue recently.

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Called support again, they told me that even though my hub is on 47.12, the maintenance that they are doing on their side for the 47.12 firmware update is still ongoing, which is impacting my ability to add the pod to my mesh network (Website : SmartThings Status)

They said once their maintenance is done, it should work and to try adding again. So, we shall see…

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This has not been fixed on firmware v47.12 … guess I’ll need to contact support again.

I’m facing exactly the same problem,
I have 4 SmartThings WiFi model ET-WV525, When I try to “Add sub hub” using the same model and when the setup reach to 43%, I get the following error message:

Couldn’t add device
There was a problem connecting to the device. Try turning the device off then on again before adding it.

I did the following with no luck:

  1. Check Internet Connection: Ensure that your primary hub has a strong and stable internet connection. Sometimes, weak or unstable internet can cause issues during the setup process.
  2. Check Device Proximity: Make sure that the sub hub is within range of your primary hub. If the sub hub is too far from the primary hub, it might not be able to establish a strong enough connection to complete the setup.
  3. Factory Reset: If the above steps don’t work, you might need to factory reset the sub hub. This will wipe all the data and settings from the hub and allow you to start the setup process from scratch. The reset process may vary between models, so refer to the user manual for specific instructions.
  4. Update Firmware: Ensure that your primary hub and sub hub have the latest firmware updates. Sometimes, issues can arise if the hubs are running on outdated firmware.

I’m not in the US and I have no access to Samsung useless support, please keep this post up to date whenever you find any solution.


Yeah I’ve been meaning to call support again about this, been busy … will try again today / next few days give them a call in case I still have this issue and it didn’t magically fix itself…

Called support again about this. They said it’s a known issue, with multiple people calling with the same issue of 43% progress and then stopping, and their dev team is working on it. But they did not have an ETA for a fix in their iPhone app (which I use). They said a fix was going out for their Android app August 31st.

However, immediately after I got off the phone I saw there was a SmartThings iPhone app update from earlier in the week (version 1.7.05). I updated my app to this version and was finally able to add another SmartThings wifi to my mesh (yay) … so, not sure if the support person just wasn’t aware that a fix was out for the iPhone app, or I got lucky. But it worked now for me.