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Can't add smartthings hub(2018) at new smartthings app

(ramin) #21

i have smartthings hub third generation and tried to connect with smartthings app on ios.
the hub can not be found automatically so tried to setup manually and followed the instruction but still couldnt find the hub it says your wifi hub isnt ready yet . wait for the LED to start blinking red and green, then try again.
it is blinking red and green tried with different device, used different ethernet cable also reset the hub, none of them worked.
my neighbour used the same hub and could connect it.
what is the issue?


This! Thanks for this!
I got my ST2018 up and running in Norway!

(Jesper F Schmidt) #23

Hi Nicho
Being from Denmark I wanted if your solution might work for me…? Would you be kind and explain to me, how you got the new 2018 hub up and running?
Many thanks/jfs3004


Hei Jesper.
Beklager sent svar, jeg har byttet mobiltelefon og glemte mailen din.

Essensen i det jeg gjorde var å slette min Samsung konto, for å så lage en ny en med USA som land.

Dette gjorde jeg ved å bruke en computer med VPN og browseren brave, som støtter Tor nettverket for anonymitet.

HÃ¥per det var oppklarende



Sorry for the Norwegian language. I dumbed out and thought it was a PM.

(Jesper F Schmidt) #26

Hej Nicho

Mange tak for dit svar.

Da du oprettede Samsung konto i anden omgang, brugte du da samme credentials som i den Samsung konto du slettede?

Med venlig hilsen/Jesper


Hi Jesper,

I did use the same credentials when i created the new account (after the previous was deleted)

(Asaf Scher) #28

היי אחי, באמת הצלחת למצוא את ההאב בלי בעיות? ללא VPN? יש מצב אתה מסביר לי איך הצלחת? איך אפשר להתכתב איתך? Hi


Could you explain how to set up a VPN with a US server?
I really don’t know how to do it…


Could you explain how to set up a VPN with a US server?
I really don’t know how to do it…

(Lentzit) #32

need to hijack thos thread to ask about you registered the device as mine is not completing device registration. It seems to connect the mobil to the device first , than i am prompted to scan QR code on the back or enter serial and then it stops at 65%. with an error message after some time.

I have tried Tunnelbear VPN on the phone which gets disconnected when its switching to the hubs wifi and back. Any steps that get me through the registration are mych appriceated!

Got a uk-account so it pops up just fine and all devices are visible which was registred without VPN. Profile says UK. Just needed to switch to UK langugage flag at the bottom of the Samsung Hompeage.


(Fadi Hamdan) #34

I’m from New Zealand. Can you please tell me the steps? Which VPN did you used? Is it on your phone? How did you created your us account?


I think I used NordVPN, but I really don’t think it matters. This was a while back, but try this:

  1. Connect to VPN server in US. Check your IP if you need to confirm that you’re coming from US.
  2. Open the NEW smartthings app
  3. Create a new account using a new email address
  4. Link the account (I can’t remember how to do this)
  5. Login to the CLASSIC smartthings app using the new account

Note, I bought my 2018 hub from US. I don’t know if this will work if you’re using the UK one (which I know are different in Z-wave freq).