Can't add Samsung devices in SmartThings

Hi. Second post for me. Living in our third house now, and working on my third generation of smart home. I don’t remember what I used in the first house. Second house was all HAI automation panel, sensors, and switches. Now we’ve moved and bought a house, and I’m adding Leviton Decora WiFi switches on many lighting circuits (“simple” circuits, 3-way, 4-way, and 5-way), and have multiple Samsung devices to add.

Trying to add Samsung Zigbee outlets, Multipurpose sensor (Zigbee), and Motion sensor (Zigbee). House has a SmartThings mesh WiFi network with six Samsung WiFi mesh routers, so I have very good coverage throughout. When I try to add a device (like an outlet), it says that I don’t have a hub in the system, though I was 5 feet from one of the routers, and “Use SmartThings Hub” is turned on. However, it shows the hub status is Offline (network is up and running with internet access everywhere).

I’d appreciate any help possible. I’m not new to home automation, but new to SmartThings, and new to Zigbee.

login to IDE at and check the status of your hub under My Hubs. If it is active, you may then look under My Locations to check for multiple Locations. If there are multiple locations, change the one with your hub to the default location.

Status is shown as Inactive. How so I change it to Active?

Contact ST support at

The best method is to call and speak with a support rep

You should think of your Samsung Wi-Fi mesh routers as two completely different things crammed into one box.

They are:

  • a Wi-Fi mesh router system, and
  • a SmartThings hub. One mesh device will act as a SmartThings hub, the others are just Z-wave/Zigbee repeaters

So far as I know there’s no interaction between the two “parts”. Z-wave and Zigbee each will need their own mesh and it’s separate from the Wi-Fi mesh.

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