SmartThings Hub with Existing (non-Samsung) WiFi Mesh

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Apologize if my question may too simple. I have a current WiFi Mesh Network (eero) and want to add a SmartThings Hub to my home to sync my smart devices and build schedules, etc.

My question: Does the SmartThings Hub simply plug into my Ethernet Switch making any smart enabled device from my existing mesh visible and thus managable with the SmartThings App? In some of my readings it seems that the smart devices must be wirelessly connected to the SmartThings hub, my hopes are that is not the case.

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Ok. Theres a lot to unpack here.

First, the hub doesnt work like you described. Its primarily a device to allow you to connect Zigbee and ZWave based home automation devices to the SmartThings cloud. Over the years community developers have expanded ths functionality to also be able to control certain network connected devices - but those are very much one-offs.

SmartThings ability to connect with other services such as Alexa, Google, Tuya are cloud to cloud connections and do nkt have anything to do with the hub itself.

Given that context, how does that change your question…

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Thanks so much for the reply. Apologize if I didn’t ask my questions clearly. Understand about the ability to connect to Zigbee and ZWave devices but my question goes to how those devices are connected. If I have a non-Samsung WiFi mesh network connected throughout my home and a SmartThings hub connected to the same Ethernet switch as the WiFi Network, can the Hub control all supported devices on my WiFi network? Said differently, does the Zigbee / ZWave device have to be connected to the Samsung Hub via WiFi or can simply originate somewhere on the network and be managed by the hub?

Thank you

Zwave and Zigbee are thier OWN wireless mesh protocols that have nothing to do with wifi. The more wired devices you have the stronger the signal

Okay - I am an idiot but thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Understand now that ZWave/Zigbee are their own frequencies and thus independent of WiFi. Also the need for smart home coverage is not necessarily the same as WiFi due to the meshing nature of smart devices. Appreciate the help


This might be of interest. This link will take you to post 11 in that thread. Start with that, then go up to the top of the thread and read the whole thing. (The topic title is a clickable link)

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