SmartThings Mesh WiFi working, but IDE says hub is "DISCONNECTED"

On Thursday, Feb. 6 , around 7:30 ET, our SmartThings Mesh Wifi hubs started misbehaving. They continue supporting WiFi just fine, but SmartThings devices are offline. In the IDE, the hub is either marked as “HUB_DISCONNECTED” or “OFFLINE.” Initially I think a few Zigbee devices were still working, but as of this morning, the (new) ST app announces “Hub is Offline”, and nothing works.

I have attempted (1) a Z-wave network repair, (2) powercycling the central hub, (3) issuing a reboot command through the IDE, and (4) issuing a disconnect command through the IDE. No luck. In the IDE, the hub is still described as “DISCONNECTED.” (though I’m drafting this post while connected to its WiFi signal).

I’m not an engineer but this seems like a software update gone wrong. I reported the problem through the ST app, but would folks in the community have other suggested strategies here while I’m waiting?

Is the Hub part turned on?

Otherwise look at this topic:

Last time it was advised to contact support…

Thanks for the link. EDIT: Having looked at this, that fellow’s Hub was identified as “Inactive” in the IDE, whereas mine is identified as “Disconnected.” (However, if I attempt to add a device, as that user was doing, I too receive a ‘no hub in your system’ error message. Which makes sense, because the IDE regards my hub as disconnected.)

The hub part is powered. I’m uncertain what is meant by “turned on” since the WiFi mesh routers do not have a manual power switch. It is connected to AC power, and transmitting network traffic (or I wouldn’t be able to submit this post!) Is there some virtual on/off switch for IoT in some Settings menu that’s I’m unaware of?

Did you check the status page for smartthings? There have been multiple device control issues over the last two days, many people were affected by an outage. :disappointed_relieved:

In any case, contacting support sounds like the best idea.

Thanks, JD.

I wound up emailing Support. To close the thread on this – though I had previously disconnected and power-cycled the unit, the Support team recommended disconnecting Ethernet and power for at least 30 seconds. I considered saying ‘I already tried that’, but I had not in fact waited 30 second. To my surprise, after disconnecting the hub and waiting, that resolved my problems.

Perhaps I didn’t leave the hub disconnected for long enough the first time around.

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