Can't add Samsung Aircon. Error code 31-001

I have 6 Samsung Room Aircons, and they were working fine for about 3 years. This week 3 of them have stopped responding through Smart Things. I have removed the 3 devices from the App, went through the registration from the beginning - and when trying to add them back to SmartThings I get the following error:
“Something went wrong. Try adding the device again. Error code: 31-001”

I have tried the following:

  • uninstalled and reinstalled the Smart Things app
  • did the power flip for the aircons - turning them off, waiting, and back on in the electrical switchboard
  • checked in that the devices are not listed in the devices list

Any idea how to register them back?

If Android, have you tried clearing the cache for the ST app?

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Yes, I have tried clearing the cache / clearing the storage and also completely uninstalling and reinstalling the App

I have now also tried creating completely new empty Samsung Account, tried adding the devices there - still the same error: 31-001

I have added a screen recording showing this problem: Screen Recording

No one else facing a similar problem?

I have the same error when I try to add my wall oven. Haven’t had an issue with a fridge or dishwasher that I received a month ago. Using Pixel 4 with current android os

For posterity - figured it out.

When the smart things app asks you to sign in (at least on Android), it will open a browser window. This will be the default Android browser, you must select the hamburger menu on the right and select open in Chrome. From there you can authenticate to your Samsung account, and then correctly add the device.

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WOW!!! Thank you so much! That has solved my problem as well. Hamburger Menu - Open In Browser - Login into Samsung Account (instead of logging in directly in the SmartThings App browser window)
Thank you, I couldn’t figure it out!