Can't login to Samsung account when adding device

Hi all,
I am trying to add a device (a Samsung frame TV) to my smart things account and app (which is running on Android). My Samsung account is associated with my smart things and logged in. However it is asking me to log in to my Samsung account to add the device and after the two favor authentication it is giving me the error below. This has been happening for a few days. Any thoughts? (I already cleared the browser cache).

Here’s the error:

Couldn’t load webpage

Something went wrong while loading the webpage. Try refreshing the page. Contact Customer Support if this problem continues.

Error 500: Server error Throwable is null

*WIPV2nullnull_1688933996702_99999- 9590042714.999

this is happening in the ST app? I got lost when you mentioned clearing browser cache

I’m adding the device in the ST app. To login it opens a browser window and goes through the whole logging process including sending a 2 factor sms. After I enter the sms code I am getting the error.

What is the default browser on this android device?

Turns out that after three days of this issue, the app signed me out and when I signed back in the error cleared up.