Can't Add Existing Zwave Switch

(Ajf) #1

I’ve used this switch for years with my Home Settings controller without problem. I removed it from that network but I still can’t get it to show up using “+” in the Things section. I re-installed it back to my Home Settings then removed it again to be sure the switch still works. I have added 4 other switches the same way but can’t get this one to be recognized by ST’s. Any thoughts?

(Jeff DeWolfe) #2

I would try doing an exclusion using SmartThings. You can do it from the SmartThings app or from the SmartThings IDE. Put the hub into exclusion mode and then do whatever combination on the device to include/exclude it from a network. After that, try pairing it to SmartThings.

(Ajf) #3

Tried it, didn’t work.

(Duncan) #4

After you try adding it with the app, check the devices list on the web UI at to see if maybe it did get added but something went wrong sending the update to the phone.

I’ve had it happen before where some bug in the mobile app makes the device not show up at first.

(Ajf) #5

Thanks all, finally got it to work (thanks Tyler!). Even though the hub has no problem controlling Zwave Things that are fairly far away from it once they are part of the mesh, when adding or deleting them, the hub needs to be fairly close to the switch. So I just needed to get the hub closer to the switch, the hardest part being making up a fairly long Ethernet cable.