Can't add a Meross device

I have several Meross switches, and every few months, one or another of them will suddenly go offline, and usually it’s because for some reason, it dropped off the Meross app, but when I add it back, it shows back up in Smartthings.

However, once in a while, I have to remove the device in ST, and re-add it, which I tried to do tonight, but when I go to re-add it, I have no option to add Meross devices. I can only go to list of compatible devices, and Meross is not an option. The Meross account is still linked to ST, and my other Meross switches work just fine.

a couple of interesting topics in your post :slight_smile:

When you say dropped off the Meross app… does that mean it completely disappeared or showed as offline? I have never experienced any devices disappearing from the Meross app so that is quite alarming. Have you contacted Meross Support on that issue if they are disappearing from the Meross app. If that is the case… everything is a result of that including any issues with ST. Start with Meross support and you may also look at your 2.4 ghz portion of your wireless network… maybe a configuration issue causing a disconnect or weak wifi penetration to your devices. Same devices that keep falling off or no pattern to which ones fall off?

No option to add Meross devices… so clicking on Add Device > then tapping on Add in the Partner Devices section does not show Meross in the list? I do remember another user being unable to find a partner listing recently but can’t remember if it was Meross and if they found a solution. You may wish to report this to ST support.

reboot your router and ST hub to see if that has any effect on the devices showing up. also, go to Menu > Settings > Linked services to see if the device reappears there. again… reboot the router and st hub.

I mean that in the Meross app, the device is just gone. It’s no longer showing up at all. The light on the switch was flashing orange and green (I think that’s the colors), until I added it back to the Meross app. I’ll try rebooting the ST hub and go from there.