Can't Access Drivers

Is anyone else having issues changing drivers for devices? My v2 hub just got updated yesterday. I’m also having trouble logging into already enrolled driver channels. I’d like to uninstall some unused drivers so that I can get under the limit. Any advice is appreciated!


Advanced Web App

I’ve tried that also. The driver drop down menu is grayed out.

Assuming you are logging in with the correct credentials, you should contact ST support and let them investigate.

I’ll message them. Thanks for your help.

I also have a v2 that has been updated and no issues with removing or changing drivers. EU based

@jkp , FYI.

I’ve noticed that if I update several devices (of the same type) to use a different driver that all of a sudden the “driver” option disappears from the mobile app, and in the Advanced Web App the drop down to select a driver is grayed out and is blank (empty). Usually I wait for several minutes and/or reboot the hub and things return to “normal”.

A note though since my scenario may be unique because I’m updating/changing drivers on 10+ switches at a time (one right after another in quick succession), and I may be stressing out my hub a little.

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I currently have support looking into the issue. I’m hoping they have a solution.
I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas. This is what shows up on the Web app.

I’m assuming this error is causing my driver issue.

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unfortunately… only ST support can help you. if you can’t change drivers or access channels… not sure community members can give you any assistance on this one. :frowning:

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I have smartthings v3 hub and an aeotec hub which currently is having the same issue. I dont know what happened exactly, was trying to change a device driver when it happened. Opened a ticket with smartthings support hopefully they come up with a solution :crossed_fingers:.

I’m still waiting on Support to come up with a solution. Hopefully they can help us both. I’ll keep this post updated with and changes.

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