Failed to try to install or uninstall drivers

Please friend, I have a Hub V2 with version 000.041.0008 and I am not able to install or uninstall the drivers, it is in a constant loop and does not enter, in the ST application I cannot pair any new device and if I delete an existing one it didn’t look any more! Can you help me with this problem please? Thank you very much in advance!

What steps are you taking that leads to this loop?

When do you get to that stage? I enter the Hub, Drivers, choose the channel and in available drivers it is in the loop!

Thank you that information.

I see the error on our side but am waiting to hear how we can resolve it.

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Thank you and I wait !

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You are exceeding the number of Edge drivers that the hub can handle. You will need to remove drivers before you can add additional ones. If you need a list of currently installed drivers so you know what to delete, let me know.

Thanks for the help, I will do that, Thanks!

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Could you provide details on what this limit is? If the limit is based purely on a count of the number of drivers, then what is that limit? Or is this based on some other measure of resource usage?

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I am unclear on the actual number but will make a request that it gets added to Rate Limits and Guardrails | SmartThings Developers. My understanding though is that it is a count of the number of unique drivers. So 100 unique drivers might be hitting the limit but 100 devices using the same unique driver would be fine.