Cannot see Dryer wifi

I bought a new Samsung dryer. Trying to connect it to my smart thing and following instructions but failing. I turn the WiFi on the dryer, it shows the AP message on the dryer. It tells me to connect to the [dryer]_E3 signal but when checking my WiFi connection in settings it doesn’t give me that option.
Anybody able to assist ?

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Do you have the SmartThings app installed? If yes, have you clicked on the + (plus) in the upper right of the screen, tap on Add device, tap on Add for Samsung devices and clicked on Dryer where you are prompted to scan the QR code?

if you have done that… what is the model of your dryer? You may want to post on the Samsung community forum or through their support.

I have the exact same issue. I have previously connected loads of items to Smartthings (tv, washing machine, etc) but the dryer just doesn’t appear available.

I cannot find the [dryer] network to connect and most strangely, separately from the AP setup, in the menu of the dryer, the Turn On WiFi option doesn’t show, although its listed in manual that came with the dryer.

You may want to post on the Samsung community forum for Samsung appliances in regards to the “Turn on WiFi” option not appearing. You can also use their other means of contacting support if you choose that route.