Samsung Smart washer / dryer

I have this Samsung set of smart dryer and washer:

The app on iPhone is pretty bad, the notification when they’re done with cycle never works (I guess it works better on Samsung devices…). The point is it has built-in wi-fi. Is it possible by any way to connect it to SmartThings and make ST take care of the notifications?

Thank you.

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I was wondering the same thing. Not really sure how I would connect the two or for what reason but it would be nice. Does anyone have this set up?

Especially since Samsung bought SmartThings, this would make sense. Honestly, those machines are a complete rip off, the push notification just does not work on any platform nor iPhone or Android and they keep ignoring the bad reviews over App Store and Play Store.

Any words from SmartThings to support it ?

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I have the same smart WiFi/LCD washer & dryer and would like to see them not only get access to these devices via smartthings but an API as well so other devices such as the Echo, Nest, The Ubi, etc… via the local network can gain access as well. This is one of the reasons I bought both, so I can get remote access for alerts and control.

Come on Smartthings and Samsung!!

These integrations should have been done already!! As stage one of the Samsung purchase of SmartThings…

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Any updates on this, you got an article even writing about your integration of smartthings and your appliances yet it hasn’t happened yet…

I want to be able to control and get alerts from my washer/dryer via smartthings…

Still nothing on this? I feel like my washer and dryer were a waste of money… The app never worked at all…

Use Samsung Smart Home app instead of Samsung Smart Washer, it works now.

Na, it still doesn’t work. Force closes on every phone / tablet I’ve tried.

Rejoice! There is now support for the 457 Smart Washers and dryers, as well as their upcoming WiFi Add Wash washers, via the Samsung Smart Home App. In order to add them into SmartThings, you first have to make sure you are running the latest firmware on your washer (0E98). Follow the steps in the Smart Home App to add the washer, then go into SmartThings App to Marketplace - Samsung Home - Samsung Washer.

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Really disappointed that my F900 isn’t on the list of compatible washing machines as I only bought it this week and for this reason alone… :frowning:

Is there a list of supported washers and dryers available? Much appreciated