Cannot connect Dryer to SmartThings

Hello guys,

I was hoping someone can help me. I have got a washer and dryer both Wifi enabled. I managed to connect quite easily the washer to the SmartThing App, however for some reason I cannot get the dryer to broadcast the wifi network. The one that I am using is model DV9*BB9

Once I click to add a device it says to click the SmartControl button until AP comes up, I do that, AP comes up but then when I go to connect to it through the wifi I don’t see the dryer network there.I tried resetting the Dryer to factory resets but it didn’t work. I read somewhere that while in AP mode if you hold “TEMP” button (Which I am only guessing is the button that controls the level of heat) it will reset the network settings , but no luck to that as well.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.