Connecting dryer to network

Today we got our new Samsung washer (WW90T986ASH) and dryer (DV90T8240SH) installed. I successfully connected the washer to the network / Smartthings app. After that I wanted to connect the dryer as well. However, when the Smartthings app asks me to enable the AP mode and connect to the [dryer] wifi network, I can only find a [washer] network. When I connect to the [washer] network, the app doesn’t recognize a valid network and won’t go to the next step.
So it looks as if the dryer sets up a network with the wrong name. How can I solve this?

Fixed it by resetting the dryer’s network settings (In AP-mode long-press the right button, for about 7 seconds and then confirm reset). After that the AP-mode set up a [dryer] network which made it possible to connect to the dryer via the Smartthings app.
I still do not understand why the network-name was wrong when I used the AP-mode out of the box.