Connecting dryer to network

Today we got our new Samsung washer (WW90T986ASH) and dryer (DV90T8240SH) installed. I successfully connected the washer to the network / Smartthings app. After that I wanted to connect the dryer as well. However, when the Smartthings app asks me to enable the AP mode and connect to the [dryer] wifi network, I can only find a [washer] network. When I connect to the [washer] network, the app doesn’t recognize a valid network and won’t go to the next step.
So it looks as if the dryer sets up a network with the wrong name. How can I solve this?

Fixed it by resetting the dryer’s network settings (In AP-mode long-press the right button, for about 7 seconds and then confirm reset). After that the AP-mode set up a [dryer] network which made it possible to connect to the dryer via the Smartthings app.
I still do not understand why the network-name was wrong when I used the AP-mode out of the box.

I have the same issue. What do you mean by “right button” that you press for 7s to reset the network?

I also have this problem and am looking for a way to reset network settings .

The right button would be start/hold. If you hold that you get different numbers/alpha but nothing that says reset. Could you give us the Name of the button?

For my Dryer, the way to reset it was by holding the softbutton with the clock icon pressed, while in AP mode.

This also solved the same issue that i had (couldn’t add the tumble dryer as a dryer, even though it was a brand new machine).