SENGLED Smart LED Multicolor with hub

I purchased the new SENGLED A19 multicolor bulbs with Hub from Amazon; I can’t seem to add them without their hub (and I don’t want to use their hub)

(There’s some naming confusion, and I thought these were recommended by people, but I think these are new and aren’t showing up, and they aren’t listed in the manual add lists).

Anyone get these to work? They are supposedly Zigbee.

I don’t know if they pre-pair the bulbs with their hub, but is a possibility. In any case, they should work without the hub, but you may need to reset the bulb then run discovery. Search online for how to reset a Sengled bulb, it’s been a while since I added mine and don’t remember how to reset them exactly.

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Good point!

You were right- I reset them and they worked perfectly.

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