GE/JASCO 26931 On\off motion sensor not pairing

(Nomis R) #1

I’m not sure if it’s a device issue or just user error but I’m having trouble pairing the switch to ST. It works as a motion sensor switch stand-alone just fine, but when I try to pair it by searching for the device and tapping on the on or off button, ST hub can’t seem to find it. There’s another zwave device directly behind it on the other side of the wall as well as another one about 5 ft away so it shouldn’t be a distance issue. Any suggestions? I tried resetting it by tapping the on button 10 times with no help either.

(Nathan Curtis) #2

Try performing a General Device Exclude on the device first.

Then retry the pairing process. Some people who have had trouble pairing various GE devices found this helped.

(Jimmy) #3

Which app are you using?

(G) #4

Same problem here, not pairing
Exclusion also doesn’t work
Using SmartThings app

Any ideas?

(G) #5

Just to update, by some miracle it paired, then in my stupidity I did reset (10x pressing the top button) it disconnected and I’m unable to pair it again.
In the ST event log I can see that it’s respond to pairing request but it never shows up in the ST Classic app.


(Micheal ) #6

Are you using the stock DTH or the one I created…

I have found that if you reboot your phone and hard reboot the hub the devices pair more consistently.

(G) #7

Yes, that did it
Many thanks!