Ring Doorbell integration and sounds

In an effort to keep my dogs from knowing when the doorbell rings, I installed Ring doorbell and have the notification go to our phones. However, our smart little doggies now recognize the notification sound.:smirk: So I am wondering if there is any way to change the notification sounds? If not, could I disable the notifications on the ring app and setup things just through ST? Like flash some lights? Can I change the notification sounds from ST?

you can’t change the notification sound for push notifications from smartthings. If you’re an android user, i beleive you can set sounds by contact, so could possibly use text message notificaitons.

edit: maybe you can change the push sounds on android? not sure, only have ios.

Yeah, I only have IOS and you would think they would have the ability to change notification sounds.

They’ll just learn the new sound unless you keep cycling it. My GF’s dog very quickly learnt to associate the Ring sound with someone being at the door or someone coming home.