Discrete ST notification sounds

It would be nice to be able to customise ST notification sounds for various categories. Right now, the only option is ‘general notifications’ and one has to look at their phone or watch to determine the activity. A customised sound would be ideal for pet, laundry, floorcare, arming/disarming, intrusion and overtime warnings categories.

I use SmartThings on a Samsung Galaxy S23+. My setup sends an SMS when an event occurs. The Samsung Messages app permits assigning a custom sound when an SMS is sent from ST.

Since all SMS from ST use the same “from” address, all messages use the same sound. I cannot differentiate, by sound, one SMS from ST from any other SMS from ST, but at least I know it is an SMS from ST.

The Notifications feature on the Samsung does not have a way to assign the sound per message and I am not sure if an app can tell the Notification system what sound to use. It probably can only say “send a notification and show the app it comes from.”

I would much rather have your suggested feature on my phone instead of another sticker to put on a photo.

When Smartthings sends me a text, my Galaxy plays am MP3 that says “Smarthings notification”.

Then I have Tasker “speak” the text i.e. “Backyard gate has been opened” or “Freezer door has been open for three minutes”. I have over twenty routines that send me text if triggered.

Works out pretty well.

Excellent setup. I believe the OP can use the SMS system to achieve what he wants, but the Notifications system can’t do what you have created. I like what you’ve done!

If you don´t wanna use text to speech, can you set own notification sound for each type of ST notification in tasker? For example that household appliance notifications would have different sound than security notifications?

Those sound like decent workarounds, but really isn’t using the real capability of the app. As ST ecosystem grow, the app should adapt. Take Instagram for example, you can make every catagory a unique sound, vibrate or silent.

I believe it would be some simple programming and could be defaulted with same sounds.