Cannot delete/move V3 Hub

I have problems resetting and deleting a hub. I have 2 V3 Hubs in my home, but want to move one of these to a different home. I tried to delete the hub from the app, and all looks good. I do a factory reset (yellow led solid) and start the setup process. But when selecting the hub for a new location, I get an error telling me that this hub is registered to the original location. I go to IDE, and see that the hub is still registered there. Try to delete it in IDE, but get an error that it cannot be deleted. The hub is not set up as default hub or has any devices connected to it. So since IDE will not permit deletion, the reset hub is still indentified to the previous location in IDE and I am stuck setting the hub up from scratch.

Contact ST support directly and ask for assistance. In the app, tap on Menu and select Contact us to see the options available to you.

With IDE in the process of being decommissioned, it is hard to tell what you can/can not do there.