Deleted Hub in error fom App

It still shows in the API. I’ve tried to reset the hub and reconnect to the app but I just get a solid blue light. Is there any easy way of reinstating it? It’s a V2 and I’ve had it for years. Was thinking of getting V3 but it seems as if there is still no migration tool. Correct?

you need to contact ST support for the migration tool. a couple of folks have reported using it back in early Fall. After that, it seemed to stop getting mentioned so not sure of the status for it.

it was only available for v2 or v3 hubs.

tagging @Brad_ST to see if he can step in to get your current hub reconnected. good idea if you also open a support ticket for that as well.

OK Many thanks

Looks like maybe you don’t need it any longer but your original hub should be working. You can reset it again or delete it from the IDE or app.

That’s great. Many thanks for your help. I have bought a V3 but I’ll maybe stick the old one in a barn.:slight_smile:

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